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  • Client: Dietro Antignano
  • Web site:
  • Sector: Fashion / handmade / artigianato
  • Goals: brand awareness / engagement / vendita presso lo store


The brief

The company “Dietro Antignano", a small-medium enterprise in the craft industry, it produces leather bags and canvas painted by hand. In 2013, when the collaboration started, the client required the whole study of the brand: from the name of the brand to the online and offline marketing strategies.


The idea

To design the name we started from the location of the shop, a place in a well-known point of Vomero in Naples but at the same time "hidden" from the chaos of the city. In fact "Dietro Antignano" it is the way the locals call that area. In the first year of activity we have developed a number of online strategies targeted to the growth of the Facebook community and, at the same time, to the spreading of a highly distinctive products, each of them unique and highly customizable thanks to the hand-painted. Almost all the marketing campaigns planned are designed to lead the customer in the shop, in order to finalize the sale. Today, after such a short time, the company has grown so much that is ready to move into e-commerce around the world and also famous Italian magazines, with which we interact, speak of these magnificent handbags hand-painted.


The result

In few yearsthe company has affirmed its popularity on the territory, confirming its growth trend and cutting a slice of attractive market in the world of fashion, art and customized products. Now the company sells throughout Italy and works with us to build an e-commerce of highest value for the user experience and in line with the main features of the brand.

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