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  • Client: Il Chicco D'oro
  • Web site:
  • Sector: Food
  • Goals: brand awareness / engagement / vendita presso lo store


The brief

The “Chicco D'Oro is a young Neapolitan reality of the coffee shop sector, catering and pastry. With 500sqm of area and own production of products served, the client asked to us to assert his mark in the territory and to become a benchmark for tourists and locals.


The idea

For this client we have created an online and offline marketing strategy that spreads across multiple levels. Each level is structured on an area in which the client operates (café, delicatessen, ice cream, bakery, deli) and a series of activities related to the promotion of the product and to the customer's involvement in the shop.


The result

Thanks to the activities developed the brand it became a benchmark in the territory, ranked among the top 3 coffee shops of Naples, and with an online community, grown in just 1 year more than 30 thousand people, which actively participates on the Facebook page and even during the events organized in the shop. In 2016 we launched an event called "16 meters of aperitif " which was recognized as "the longest appetizer of Naples" that in just three appointments has involved more than 3 thousand people, all profiled through online booking tools, and the participation of well-known influencers.

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